Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now popular game is "Millsberry" :)

Now popular game is "Millsberry" :)
Yesterday I noticed, that many people plays in the popular game named Millsberry.
Millsberry is a virtual city run by General Mills as an integrated online environment and marketing tool. There are shops, homes, special events, and a gazette. New features are constantly being added.

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Cat Deeley

ITV presenter Cat Deeley Pictures left the UK for the States to further her career and present the hit TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

However, she seems to have gotten more then she bargained for I the shape of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The two met two weeks ago at a Beverley Hills restaurant. As Cat Deeley Pictures and a friend were discussing whether or not the presenter should pose naked, Leo who was sitting nearby intervened and told Cat not to do it.

A source told the Daily Star: “Leo was attracted by Cat’s fresh-faced looks and English accent. She looks very different from an identikit LA girl.

“When he heard her talking about posing naked, he couldn’t help interjecting to advise her not to ruin her English Rose appeal.

“They became good friends, but that’s obviously turned into something more recently as they were spotted kissing at the polo lounge. It’s a favourite haunt on Tom Cruise as it’s so private, but Anglophiles spotted Cat as she met Leo.”

DiCaprio has been seeing model Bar Refaeli since December and was recently seen out and about with his ex-girlfriends supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

He is quite the ladies man…watch out Cat!!!!

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Scarlett Johansson - pic, photo, picture

Sexy Scarlett Johansson has the best boobs in Hollywood, according to a new magazine poll.

Editors at In Touch magazine gave the actress' "irresistible assets" top marks in the new best-breasts list, claiming Johansson has designer Isaac Mizrahi's wandering hands to thank for her ranking on the Best Cleavage In Hollywood poll.

Magazine spokeswoman Lindsay Loderstedt explains, "It's not unusual for Scarlett Johansson to receive loads of compliments on her ample chest but the level of appreciation reached a new high at this year's Golden Globes when fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi couldn't help but reach out and touch the
21-year-old's assets during a red-carpet interview."

The Lost in Translation star beat out competition from Jessica Simpson and hot Latina Salma Hayek on the breast list.

The full top 10 is:

1. Scarlett Johansson
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Salma Hayek
4. Halle Berry
5. Jessica Alba
6. Tyra Banks
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
8. Rebecca Romijn
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Brittany Murphy

Scarlett Johansson
Caterina Murino


Wiggles top Kidman on Aussie rich list

SYDNEY -- Four men who dress in brightly colored jumpsuits and are best known to preschoolers, the Wiggles, earn more each year than either Nicole Kidman or Russell Crowe, according to a survey of Australia's top 50 entertainers released Wednesday by Business Review Weekly.The Wiggles made an estimated AUS$45 million ($34.4 million) in 2004. Joining them in the top 10 were fellow children's entertainers Hi-5, who claimed the sixth spot with AUS$15 million ($11.5 million). Despite these results, Australian actors dominated the top 10 list. Nicole Kidman came in second place with earnings of AUS$40 million ($30.6 million), ahead of Russell Crowe in third, with AUS$27 million ($20.6 million).Close behind was "The Ring Two" and "King Kong" star Naomi Watts, with AUS$17 million ($13 million), in fifth place. Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman tied for seventh place with AUS$13 million ($9.9 million) apiece, ahead of Heath Ledger in ninth with AUS$12 million ($9.2 million). Rock 'n' roll stalwarts AC/DC continue to rake in the cash more than three decades after their formation. The band made AUS$18 million ($13.8 million) last year, placing them fourth on the list. Fellow musicians Powderfinger rounded out the top 10, earning $10.5 million ($8 million) in 2004. According to BRW, Australians spend more money on entertainment each year than they do on food, affording Australia's top 50 Australian entertainers an average gross income of about AUS$5.5 million ($4.2 million).


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Throw it away, throw it away

Thanks to my referral statistics, I discovered that someone searched for this through Google: "dance moves" directions "lawn mower" "q-tip" and found my site first on the returned results. I'm sure they were disappointed. Who needs to look up how to do these dances? I'll show them in person. I'm an expert at these and several others.